Czech Society for Structural Biology
Česká společnost pro strukturní biologii

The Czech Society
for Structural Biology
(Česká společnost
pro strukturní biologii

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Czech Republic
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Seminar "Frontiers in Cryo-Electron Microscopy" and opening of the CEITEC Cryo-EM facility

Cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) allows the three-dimensional (3D) visualization/ characterization of biological structures in a close-to-native state that range from individual macromolecular complexes and large molecular machines to the intricate macromolecular network within entire cells. While single particle methods enable us to obtain 3D structures of isolated and purified complexes to sub-nanometer resolution, cryo-electron tomography allows today studies in situ, which offers the possibility to do quantitative cell biology studies at the molecular level and even under different physiological conditions.

CeitecThe combination of cryo-EM with other complementary methods of structural biology (such as NMR, X-ray crystallography and mass-spectrometry) will provide the structural basis for our future understanding of biological processes, expanding our knowledge into hitherto unknown dimensions. This symposium aims to bring together world leading scientists in the field of cryoelectron microscopy, who will present and discuss their latest research and who will give a glimpse into the future of a field that is going through a revolution in technology that represents a quantum leap which had not been seen in over two decades.

Invitation to the seminar


3rd Conference "Prague Protein Spring" - Proteins and their interactions

will be held in Villa Lana in Prague, May 9 -- 11 2014. More information including registration form and program can be found at the conference web site.

PSS 2014 List of lectures available here.

Online Registration is now open! Please see the Registration Forms.


Courses supported by Operational Programme Education for Competitiveness (OP VK) 

Computational approaches in macromolecular crystallography (in Czech) 

Kurz se bude konat s přispěním fondů OP VK na Nových Hradech od 12. do 14. března 2013. PhD studenti s výkonem práce mimo hlavní město Prahu ("podpořené osoby") mají účast hrazenou z fondů OP VK. Na kurs navazuje konference ČSSB "XI Discussions", informace viz výše.

Více informací je možno nalézt na specialním webu. Kurz organizuje Dr. Jan Dohnálek,

Crystallization course (in Czech) 

Kurz „Krystalizace proteinů“ byl s přispěním fondů OP VK organizován na Nových Hradech od 27. do 29. listopadu 2012. PhD studenti s výkonem práce mimo hlavní město Prahu ("podpořené osoby") mají účast hrazenou z fondů OP VK.


Více informací Dr. Jindřich Hašek,


Biomolecules and Nanostructures 4

15-19 May 2013, Pultusk, Poland

The specific topics of the conference include: single-molecule manipulation, supramolecular assemblies and aggregates, interactions between nucleic acids and proteins, protein folding

and phenomena at bio-nano interfaces. Both experimental and theoretical approaches will be presented.

More information and registration

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CSSB has currently forty nine members.
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The Board of the society kindly asks all our members to pay their dues as soon as possible. Activity of the Society depends on your contribution!  At the founding meeting, we agreed to yearly contribution of 300 CZK. Please pay at your earliest convenience by bank transfer to

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Foundation of the Czech Society for Structural Biology

In March 2010, a group of Czech structural biologists founded their professional body, the Czech Society for Structural Biology (CSSB). It happened during the VIIIth Discussions in Structural Molecular Biology in Nové Hrady.
CSSB has been registered at the Interior Ministry of the Czech Republic as not-for-profit civic association. You can download the bylaws of the Society as they were registered (in Czech).

XII Discussions in Structural Molecular Biology

The next annual meeting of the Society has been held in Nové Hrady on March 13 - 15 2014. Detailed information about the meeting can be found under the link Upcoming meeting on the left.

Deadline for registration & submission of abstracts: Friday February 21 2014

please, send your abstracts as attachment in word.docx format to

Deadline for payment: Friday February 28 2014

Participants Registered for the XII Discussions

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