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Česká společnost pro strukturní biologii

The Czech Society
for Structural Biology
(Česká společnost
pro strukturní biologii

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Instruct-ERIC workshop on Computational Approaches in Integrative Structural Biology

MS Praha

Dates: October 810, 2019

Venue: Institute of Biotechnology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Research centre Biocev, Prumyslova 595, 25250 Vestec near Prague, Czech Republic

Aim:The course will be focused on the growing need to combine computational tools in structural biology projects. The main aims are in providing deeper insights in the computational approaches for selected techniques and then to build on the good foundations and cover also integration of data coming from various structural approaches, e.g. mass spec, NMR and other restraints used in structural analysis, together with SAXS envelopes and cryoEM maps applied in and with crystallographic analysis, use of biophysics to enhance/help in structure analysis, etc. Practical experience with selected structural biology techniques will be providedand tutorials on use of some computational tools will be given.