Bohdan Schneider

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Afiliation: Institute of Biotechnology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, BIOCEV, CZ-252 50 Vestec, Prague West, Czech Republic

Research ID D-2565-2009

Research Interests:

Intermolecular interaction and recognition of biomolecules
Structure, conformational dynamics, and solvation of nucleic acids and proteins
Design, development, and use of structural databases
Scientific illustrations, namely molecular graphics

Five selected papers

Jiří Černý, Paulína Božíková & Bohdan Schneider: DNATCO: assignment of DNA conformers at Nucleic Acids Research 44: W287-W287 (2016).

B. Schneider, J. Černý, D. Svozil, P. Čech, J.-C. Gelly, A.G. de Brevern: Bioinformatic analysis of the protein/DNA interface. Nucl. Acids Res. 2014, 42(5) 3381-3394.
B. Schneider, Z. Morávek, H.M. Berman: RNA conformational classes. Nucl. Acids Res. 2004, 32(5) 1666-1677.
B. Schneider, J.-C. Gelly, A. G. de Brevern, J. Cerný: Local dynamics of proteins and DNA evaluated from crystallographic B factors. Acta Cryst. D 2014, D70 2413-2419.
J. Černý, L. Biedermannová, P. Mikulecký, J. Zahradník, T. Charnavets, P. Šebo, B. Schneider: Redesigning protein cavities as a strategy for increasing affinity in protein-protein interactions. Interferon-gamma receptor 1 as a model. BioMed Res. Int. 2015, 716945.

Structures in PDB: 1D76 1HIB 362D