Participants of the XIV Discussions, Nové Hrady, March 17 – 19 2016

Valery Andrushchenko (Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry; Prague)
               Eu3+-induced DNA Condensation and Chirality Transfer
Borislav Angelov (Institute of Physics, ELI beamlines, AVCR; Praha)
               Time-Resolved Crystallography of Proteins at the laser driven X-ray sources in ELI beamlines
Imrich Barák (Institute of Molecular Biology, Slovak Academy of Sciences; Bratislava)
               Asymmetric cell division during sporulation in Bacillus subtilis
Cyril Bařinka (Institute of Biotechnology CAS, v.v.i.; Vestec)
               Human histone deacetylase 6: profiling of deacylase specificity
Lucie Bednarova (IOCB AV; Praha 6)
               Chiroptical Properties of the Antimicrobial Peptide Lasiocepsin and of its analogs
Jakub Benysek (UOCHB AV ČR; Praha)
               Novel inhibition scaffolds targeting human cysteine cathepsins
Lada Biedermannová (Institute of Biotechnology – BIOCEV Centre; Vestec u Prahy)
               Atlas of Protein Hydration – Connecting Information from Crystallography and Ab Initio Calculations
Evžen Bouřa (IOCB; Praha)
               Structural insights and in vitro reconstitution of membrane targeting and activation of human PI4KB by the ACBD3 protein
Paulina Bozikova (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic; Vestec)

Pavel Brazda (CEITEC MU; Brno)
               Recognition of pTyr1-CTD by the elongation factor Spt6
Jiří Brynda (Institute of Molecular Genetics of the ASCR, v. v. i.; Praha)
               Second generation of Carborane-Based Inhibitors of Carbonic Anhydrases
Ladislav Bumba (Institute of Microbiology; Prague)
               Calcium-driven folding of RTX domain β-rolls ratchets translocation of RTX proteins through Type I secretion ducts
Michal Buša (ÚOCHB AV ČR; Praha 6)
               Functional characterisation of novel cysteine protease inhibitor from Fasciola hepatica
Ondrej Cehlar (Institute of Neuroimmunology of SAS; Bratislava)
               The conformation of proline rich segment of neuronal protein tau studied by the X-ray crystallography, molecular dynamics simulations and biophysical methods
Jiri Cerny (Institute of Biotechnology, CAS; Vestec)
Tatsiana Charnavets (Institute of Biotechnology CAS; Vestec, Jesenice u Prahy Czech Republic)
Lukáš Chrást (Masaryk University; Brno)
               Structure-function relationship of paradoxically thermostable haloalkane dehalogenase of psychrophilic origin
Zuzana Chromikova (Institute of Molecular Biology, Slovak Academy of Sciences; Bratislava)
Jan Dohnálek (Institute of Biotechnology CAS, v. v. i.; Jesenice u Prahy)
               Towards structure of HelD – a partner protein of RNAp in gram positive bacteria
Tomáš Dršata (Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry AS CR, v.v.i.; Praha 6)
               Computer simulations of nucleosome positioning and allosteric effects in DNA

Michal Dudák (ANAMET s.r.o., Praha)

Zuzana Dunajová (Masaryk University; Brno)
               Molecular dynamics simulations of the transport of ligands through pathways of haloalkane dehalogenases DhaAwt and DhaA31
Rudiger Ettrich (Institute of Microbiology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic; Nove Hrady)
               Cation translocation in human ORAI channels: Modeling and simulations.
Pavla Fajtová (Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry AS CR, v.v.i.; Prague)
               Prolyl Oligopeptidase from the Blood Fluke Schistosoma mansoni: designing active-site inhibitors with anti-schistosomal activity.
Tibor Füzik (CEITEC – Central European Institute of Technology, Masaryk University; Brno)
               Structural study of Tick-borne encephalitis virus using cryo-electron microscopy
Tereza Gerguri (Masaryk University, CEITEC, NCBR; Brno)
               Novel structure of membrane nanodisc
Jan Golda (SPECION, s.r.o.; Praha 4)
Raul Gomez (MALVERN Instruments UK; United Kingdom)
               Microcalorimetry: A versatile tool for the characterization of biomolecular interactions
Mária Gondová (Masaryk University; Brno)
               Crystal structure of honey bee hexamerin 70b at 3.2 Å resolution
Eva Hájková (Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci; Olomouc)
               Nucleoside N-ribohydrolases and adenosine kinases in maize (Zea mays)

Jindřich Hašek (BTU AV CR; Vestec, Praha západ)

Jiří Hausner (Charles University in Prague; Praha 2)
               Dynamics of ClC-ec1 D417C mutant form studied by hydrogen/deuterium exchange
Marie Hlavničková (Biotechnologický ústav AV ČR, v.v.i.; Vestec)
               Inhibitory binders derived from ABD-domain scaffold targeting human IL-17RA receptor as an alternative for modulation of Th17-mediated pro-inflammatory axis
Josef Houser (Masaryk University; Brno)
               Lectins with beta-propeller fold in opportunistic pathogens
Richard Hrabal (University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague; Prague)
Jozef Hritz (CEITEC MU, Masaryk University; Brno)
Maria Janubova (Axon Neuroscience SE; Bratislava)
Zuzana Jaseňáková (Masaryk Univesity – CEITEC; Brno)
               Structural study of the intracellular domains of the ethylene receptor ETR1 from Arabidopsis thaliana
Petr Jeřábek (Charles University in Prague; Prague)
               Structure and dynamics of the membrane-anchored cytochrome P450 1A2–cytochrome b5 complex
Vladimír Jonas (Masaryk University; Brno)
Tomasz K. Kabzinski (Masaryk University; Brno)
Barbora Kalouskova (Charles University in Prague; Prague 2)
Sergei Kalynych (Central European Institute of Technology – Masaryk University; Brno)
               Large motions of the protruding domain in a native iflavirus
Aiste Kasiliauskaite (CEITEC MU; Brno)
Tomas Klumpler (Masaryk University; Brno)
Lucie Kolářová (Biotechnologický Ústav AV; Vestec)
Petr Kolenko (Biotechnologický ústav AV ČR, v. v. i.; Jesenice u Prahy)
Radka Končitíková (Palacký university; Olomouc)

David Kopečný (Palacky University; Olomouc)
               Structure-function study on plant aldehyde dehydrogenase from moss Physcomitrella patens
Tomas Koval (Biotechnologický ústav AV ČR, v. v. i.; Vestec, Jesenice u Prahy)
               Active site promiscuity in the S1-P1 nuclease family
Jiří Kozelka (Masarykova univerzita v Brně; Brno)
               Lone-pair-pi interactions in nucleic acids and proteins: physical origin and significance
Eva Krascsenitsova (Institute of Molecular Biology; Bratislava 45)
               How Min systems from Clostridia species helps to find the mid-cell site during cell division?
Irena Kratochvilova (Institute of Physics AS CR; Prague 8)
               Freezing process in human cell nuclei: determination of cryoprotectant parameters strongly influencing the cell condition
Magdalena Krejcikova (Masaryk University; Brno)
               Structural details of the interaction between pTyr1-CTD and the elongation factor Spt6
Tomáš Kroupa (University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague; Prague)
               Interaction of the Mason-Pfizer monkey virus matrix protein and its budding deficient mutants with the plasma membrane
Monika Krupova (ÚOCHB AVČR; Praha 6)
Martin Kubala (Palacký University in Olomouc; Olomouc)
               Identification of the RH421-binding site on Na+/K+-ATPase
Vojtech Kuban (CEITEC, MU; Brno)
Karel Kubicek (Masaryk University; Brno)

Stanislav Kukla (Merck spol. s r. o.; Praha 4)
               Ultrafiltration master class
Sudhir Kumar Pal (Institute of Microbiology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic; Nove Hrady)
               Structure and Dynamics of the Methyl-transeferase subunit of the E. coli restriction-modification system EcoR124I.
Ivana Kutá Smatanová (University of South Bohemia Ceske Budejovice; Ceske Budejovice)
Radomír Kužel (Krystalografická společnost; Praha 2)
Filip Lankaš (Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry ASCR; Praha 6)
Adrian Leontovyč (Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry; Praha)
               Towards structural characterization of SmSP2 protease from parasitic blood fluke Schistosoma mansoni
Kateřina Linhartová (Masarykova Univerzita; Brno)
Petr Louša (Masaryk University; Brno)
Jana Makroczyová (Institute of Molecular Biology, Slovak Academy of Sciences; Bratislava)
Lucie Marečková (Institute of Biotechnology CAS, v. v. i.; Vestec)
Václav Mareška (UCT Prague; Prague)
               Electronic sculpting of AT2R ligands by metadynamics
Sara Matić (University of Zagreb; Zagreb)
Kateřina Mudroňová (Charles University in Prague; Prague)
               Effect of the ribose versus 2’-deoxyribose residue in guanosine-5’-monophosphates on the formation of G-quartets stabilized by K+ and Na+
Hana Nedozrálová (Masaryk University; Pozořice)
Ivana Nemčovičová (Biomedicínske Centrum SAV; Bratislava)
               Characterization of a novel bidirectional NK activating ligand CD160
Jiri Novacek (Masaryk University; Brno)
               Structure and genome delivery mechanism of Staphylococcus aureus phage therapy agent phi812-K1 determined by cryo-electron microscopy
Tomas Obsil (Charles University in Prague; Prague 2)
Veronika Obšilová (Institute of Physiology, AS CR; Prague 4)
Joanna Oniskiewicz (Masaryk University; Brno)
               Recognition of different methylation states on histone H3 lysine 4 by Set3 protein
Kirubakaran Palani (Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry AS CR; Prague 6)
               Artificial proteins modulate allostery of PDZ3 and SH3 in two domains constructs. A computational characterization of novel chimeric proteins
Hana Pařízková (Biotechnologický ústav AV ČR; Jesenice u Prahy)
Jiří Pavlíček (Institute of Biotechnology; Vestec)
Marketa Pazderkova (Charles University in Prague; Prague 2)
               Spectroscopic study of protein fibrils
Samuel Pažický (Charles University in Prague; Praha)
Olívia Petrvalská (Charles University in Prague; Prague)
               Structural Insight into the 14-3-3 Protein-Dependent Inhibition of Protein Kinase ASK1
Phuong Pham Ngoc (Institute of Biotechnology AS CR, v.v.i; Vestec)
               Developmen of new protein scaffolds for directed evolution
Pavel Plevka (CEITEC – Masaryk University; Brno)
Jan Prchal (VSCHT Praha; Praha 6)
Václav Profant (Charles University in Prague; Prague 2)
               ROA study of chondroitin sulphate
Tatyana Prudnikova (Jihoceska Univerzita; Ceske Budejovice)
               Structure-functional characterization of haloalkane dehalogenases.
Jiří Průša (UOCHB; Praha)
Katarína Pšenáková (UK Praha; Praha 2)
               Role of Cys residues on the stability of the complex between proteinkinase ASK1 and thioredoxin
Jakub Ptáček (Institute of Biotechnology, Academy of Sciences; Vestec)
               Calcium ion is required for proper folding, dimerization and enzymatic activity of human glutamate carboxypeptidase II
Lenka Rezabkova (Paul Scherrer Institute; Villigen)
               Structural basis of katanin function at microtubule minus end
David Řeha (Institute of Microbiology of the CAS, v. v. i.; Praha 4)
               Theoretical study of crystal structure of WrbA from E. coli in complex with benzoquinone using QM calculations of charge transfer rates
Bohdan Schneider (Institute of Biotechnology CAS; Vestec, Prague region)
Marek Sebela (Palacky University in Olomouc; Olomouc)
               Oligonucleotide analysis and sequencing using MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry
Jan Silhan (IOCB; Prague)
               Structural study of the reaction mechanism of 3′ DNA phosphatase from Neisseria meningitidis
Tereza Skálová (Institute of Biotechnology CAS, v. v. i.; Vestec)
Ondřej Skořepa (Charles University in Prague; Prague 2)
Rostislav Skrabana (Axon Neuroscience SE; Bratislava, Slovakia)
               Structural and binding properties of a quadruple epitope regulating tau protein oligomerization
Vernon Smith (Bruker AXS GmbH; Karlsruhe)
               State-of-the-Art Pixel Array Detectors for Crystallography
Karina Solovjova (CEITEC , Masaryk University; Brno)
Vojtěch Spiwok (University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague; Prague 6)
               Moving Hills Method
Pavel Srb (Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry; Prague)
Jaroslav Srp (ÚOCHB AV ČR; Praha 6)
               Crystal structure of plant defense protein in complex with serine protease
Richard Stefl (Masaryk University; Brno)
Jan Stránský (Institute of Biotechnology, CAS; Vestec)
               A parameter of diffraction experiment with low attention: exposure
Kvido Stříšovský (ÚOCHB AV ČR; Praha)
               The ins and outs of membrane-immersed catalysis: structure, mechanism and inhibition of rhomboid intramembrane proteases
Zoran Sucur (University of Chemistry and Technology Prague; Prague 6)
Ekaterina Sviridova (Jihoceska Univerzita v Ceskych Budejovicich; Ceske Budejovice)
               Integrated structural biology study of the FrpD protein from Neisseria meningitidis
Viktor Synytsya (Academy of Science; Prague)
Hana Štégnerová (Masaryk university; Blansko)
Leona Švecová (Institute of Biotechnology CAS, FNSPE CTU; Jesenice u Prahy)
               X-ray structure of bilirubin oxidase from Myrothecium verrucaria with ligand in oxidation center
Oliver Taltynov (CEITEC/MU; Brno)
Katsiaryna Tratsiak (University of South Bohemia in Budweis; Ceske Budejovice)
               Structure-functional analysis of the α/β-hydrolase fold superfamily member
Zuzana Trošanová (Masaryk Univesity – CEITEC; Brno)
               Solvation of engrailed homeodomain mutant K52E
Romana Valenčíková (Institute of Molecular Biology, Slovak Academy of Sciences; Bratislava)

Lukáš Válek (ANAMET s.r.o., Praha)

Ondřej Vaněk (Charles University in Prague; Prague 2)
Fred Vellieux (Institute of Biotechnology AS CR, v. v. i., BIOCEV; Vestec)
               The Centre of Molecular Structure (IBT, CAS) at Biocev
Jiri Vondrasek (Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry AS CR; Prague 6)
Piotr Wardega (NanoTemper GmbH; Muenchen)
               Affinity. Stability. Conformation
Milan Zachrdla (CEITEC, Masaryk University; Brno)
               Structure and Dynamics of Sigma Subunit of RNA Polymerase from Bacillus subtilis
Jiří Zahradník (Charles University in Prague; Praha 2)
               Structural study of the intracellular domains of the ethylene receptor ETR1 from Arabidopsis thaliana
Vojtěch Zapletal (Masaryk University; Brno)
               Comparison of computational and experimental results for intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs)
David Zapletal (Masaryk University in Brno; Brno)
Nina Zemanova (Institute of Neuroimmunology, Slovak Academy of Sciences; Bratislava, Slovakia)
               Structural and biophysical characterization of the projection domain of neuronal tau protein
Lukas Zidek (Masaryk University; Brno)
Hana Zigová (Masaryk University; Brno)
               Improved interpretation of 14-3-3ζ fluorescence measurements by molecular dynamics simulations
Lucie Zímová (Institute of Physiology CAS; Praha 4)
               The role of the S1-S4 sensor domain in the activation and modulation of the TRPA1 ion channel
Erik Župa (Masaryk University; Brno)