XI Discussions 2013

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South Bohemian University in České Budějovice
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XI Discussions in Structural Molecular Biology

Nové Hrady, Thursday March 14 – Saturday March 16 2013

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Abstracts of all contributions

Photos from the conference by Bohdan Schneider and by Radek Kuzel


Thursday, March 14

12:00 — 13:15  Registration at Nový Zámek
13:15 — 13:45  Accommodation in hotels

14:00 – 15:55 Session I: Chairperson Petr Novák

John Engen: Hydrogen exchange mass spectrometry to probe the conformation of proteins both in solution and in membranes (45′)
Alan Kádek: In-solution structure of cellobiose dehydrogenase probed by hydrogen / deuterium exchange mass spectrometry
Petr Novák: NKR-P1C Structural Model Revealed by Mass Spectrometry
Marek Šebela: Analysis of heterogeneous hinge-region O-glycosylation of human IgA1 using MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometry (30′)

15:55 – 16:15 Coffee break

16:15 – 17:45  Session II: Chairperson Richard Štefl

Jaroslav Nunvář: Evolution of genetic diversity of repetitive extragenic palindromic elements
Babak Minofar: Structure and dynamics of biomolecules in non-aqueous ionic solutions
Sinha Dhiraj: Interdomain communication and interaction in the motor subunit of restriction modification system EcoR1241 from E.coli
Bohdan Schneider: Analysis of protein/DNA interactions by novel bioinformatic tools (30′)

17:45  Dinner

Friday , March 15

08:00  Breakfast

09:00 – 10:10 Session III: Chairperson Marek Šebela

Mike Williams: Protein characterisation using DLS – measurement principle and technology typical applications, limitations and troubleshooting, the new Zetasizer Nano (30′)
Lucie Bednárová: Antimicrobial peptides interacting with model membranes. Spectroscopic study
Irena Kratochvílová: Charge transport through DNA/DNA duplexes and DNA/RNA hybrids: complex mechanism study

10:10 – 10:30 Coffee break

10:30 – 12:10  Session IV: Chairperson Jiří Brynda

Jan Stránský: Plant nuclease TBN1 involved in apoptotic processes blocks its active site by a surface loop – sign of regulatory function?
Oksana Degtjarik: Preparation, Crystallization and Preliminary Structural Analysis of AHP2 Protein, the Signal Transmitter from Arabidopsis thaliana
Ľubomír Borko: Human cardiac ryanodine receptor: structural study of the N-terminal region
Petr Těšina: Structural study of LEDGF/p75 binding partners
Josef Houser: Power is in detail – structural analysis of an Aleuria aurantia lectin mutant

12:15 – 13:30  Lunch

13:45 – 15:05 Session V: Chairperson Cyril Bařinka

Vernon Smith: Bringing the Beamline Home: Increasing Productivity and Reducing Costs with the D8 VENTURE with METAJET X-Ray Source (30′)
Jan Dohnálek: Metals and ions in protein structures – from essential to marginal questions in identification of ions in enzymes and receptors (30′)
Ondrej Cehlár: Structural insight into the conformation of one of the microtubule binding motifs on the Alzheimer’s disease-associated protein tau

15:05 – 15:30 Coffee break

15:30 – 17:30 Session VI: Chairperson Tomáš Obšil

Petr Kolenko: Inhibitors of glutaminyl cyclases against Alzheimer’s disease (30′)
Jaroslav Burda: Reaction Mechanism of Ru(II) Piano-Stool Complexes; Umbrella Sampling QM/MM MD Study
Radek Matuska: CH-pi Interaction between Carbohydrates and Aromatic Moieties: Electron Density Issue
Žofie Sovová: Thylakoid membrane characterization and its interaction with PsbI protein from photosystem II
Kvido Stříšovský: Structural and mechanistic principles of intramembrane proteolysis – lessons from rhomboids (30′)

17:45 – 19:00  Dinner

19:00  General Assembly of the Czech Society for Structural Biology. Meeting will be held in the Czech and/or Slovak languages

Program Valného shromáždění ČSSB

1. Výroční zpráva Rady ČSSB o činnosti a hospodaření
2. Schválení výroční zprávy Rady ČSSB o činnosti a hospodaření
3. Zpráva revizní komise
4. Situace s budováním evropských infrastrukturních center
5. Členství naší společnosti v Radě vědeckých společností (RVS)
6. Reakce GA ČR na náš podnět o potřebě zřízení panelu specializovaného na strukturní biologii a bioinformatiku
7. Různé
8. Diskuse

20:15 – 22:45  Poster session

Saturday, March 16

08:00  Breakfast

09:00  – 10:40 Session VII: Chairperson Rudiger Ettrich

Evžen Bouřa: The crystal structure of the Phi6 major capsid protein (30′)
Daniel Němeček: Cryo-EM Reconstruction of the Bacteriophage ϕ6 Procapsid at Near-Atomic Resolution Shows Conformational Changes in dsRNA Virus Maturation
Mikalai Lapkouski: Complexes of HIV-1 RT and DNA/RNA hybrid reveal structure compatible with RNA degradation (30′)
Lukas Daniel: Role of the buried halide-binding site of haloalkane dehalogenase DbeA

10:40 – 11:00 Coffee break

11:00 – 12:10  Session VIII: Chairperson Richard Hrabal

Jan Frömmel: Aminoaldehyde dehydrogenase 1 from tomato – enzyme structure and possible use for the detection of aldehydes in beverages
Tomas Kroupa: Interaction of the myristoylated M-PMV matrix protein and his mutants with phospholipids
Lukáš Žídek: Molecular motions monitored by NMR relaxation – a conservative approach (30′)

12:10 – 12:12 Closing remarks

12:15  Lunch

  • All talks labeled (30′) take 30 minutes, all others take 20 minutes. These times will be observed and include discussion, leave at least 5 minutes to your colleagegues!

Posters (alphabetically)

Poster session starts on Friday March 15 at 20:15

Petr Ashcheulov: Influence of specific boron defects on boron-doped diamond conductivity
Hana Barvíková: Computational study of interactions of organic matter and biomolecules with mineral surfaces
Vitali Bialevich: Proposed translocation cycle of the restriction-modification system EcoR124I
Jarmila Dušková: Extracellular chitinolytic enzymes of Clostridium Paraputrificum J4; separation and characterization.
Rudiger Ettrich: Biphasic kinetic behavior of FMN-dependent NAD(P)H:quinone oxidoreductase WrbA from E. coli: A molecular understanding
Katarína Hlat-Glembová: Prediction and structural studies of active site of selected glycosyl hydrolases from Paenibacillus thiaminolyticus
Tatsiana Holubeva: Isolation and crystallization of the recombinant PsbR protein of higher-plant photosystem II
Petr Hošek: Combination of alchemical free energy simulation and metadynamics in the simulation package GROMACS
Dominik Hrebík: Magnesium binding to the receiver domain of cytokinin receptor CKI1RD from Arabidopsis thaliana
Michaela Jirků: Ca2+ binding proteins interact with the N-terminal region of TRPM1
Ivo Kabelka: Study of bsobi endonuclease by molecular dynamics
Miroslava Kacířová: Mapping of the interaction surface of phosducin using HDX-MS
Alina Kevorkova: Functional coupling of duplex translocation to DNA cleavage in a type I restriction enzyme
Petr Kolenko: Yfid from E.coli as a Pfl repair protein
Radka Končitíková: Structural characterization of two maize aldehyde dehydrogenases from family 2
Miroslava Kopecká: How calcium and Bmh1 activate yeast neutral trehalase Nth1?
Dalibor Kosek: Biophysical study of the complex between the 14-3-3 protein and the kinase domain of ASK1
Tomas Koval: Structure of multifunctional plant nuclease TBN1
Natallia Kulik: Homology modeling of fungal hexosaminidase from T.flavus with high substrate promiscuity
Ivana Kutá Smatanová: Practical aspects of protein crystallography
Michal Kutý: Towards a structure of green plant Photosystem II
Lucie Marečková: Novel binders derived from an albumin-binding domain scaffold targeting Prostate Secretory Protein-94
Petra Matunová: Thermodynamic and kinetic parameters for interaction of selected Pt(II) complexes with guanine
Pavel Mikulecký: Rational design of high-affinity variants of interferon-gamma receptor 1
Pavel Oborský: Digital metadynamics: New biased simulation concept and its testing on the conformational equilibrium of Ac-Ala-NHMe
Saurabh Pandey: Computational simulation of trimer rotation in hexameric Argine repressor from e.coli
Jiří Pavlíček: Gateway-based system for optimization of recombinant protein expression in K. lactis
Jakub Ptáček: Selection and characterization of Anticalin-based binders targeting human glutamate carboxypeptidase II
David Reha: Biological Applications of QM/MM Calculations with Polarized Embedding
Jakub Šebera: Theoretical Study of Metal Ion Binding in Modified and Natural Cytosine-Cytosine Base Pairs
Tereza Skálová: Structural properties of NK receptors and ligands with C-type lectine-like fold
Rostislav Škrabana: Validation of a high-throughput setup for manual assembly of nanolitre vapour-diffusion protein crystallization screens
Katsiaryna Tratsiak: Characterization of the selected haloalkane dehalogenases crystals specific activity towards to their substrates
Lucie Vaňková: Human IL-23 receptor antagonists derived from an albumin-binding domain scaffold inhibit IL-23-dependent ex vivo expansion of IL-17-producing T-cells
Milan Zachrdla: NMR Investigation of Unstructured Malaria Surface Protein MSP2, Isoform 3D7
Vojtěch Zapletal: Motions of biomoleculs monitored by spectral density mapping
Jitka Žídková: Glycoproteins and Protein Glycations Identified in Barley Grain and Malt by 2D-HPLC and MS/MS

The whole program takes place at Nový zámek.

Organizers of the meeting Bohdan Schneider, Radek Kužel, Ivana Kutá-Smatanová, Rudiger Ettrich, Anita Zupčanová, Petr Novák, Jindřich Hašek, Jan Dohnálek

 (c) Bohdan Schneider 2013