Competition – the best PhD thesis in the field of structural biology 2023

The prize is awarded to

for her outstanding PhD thesis entitled
Structural characterization of influenza A polymerase PA subunit domains in complex with novel inhibitors

defended at the First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Prague

We congratulate Kateřina and her supervisor Milan Kožíšek, Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

The prize award ceremony together with the winner’s talk will take place at the conference XX Discussions in Nove Hrady.


  1. The Council of the Czech Society for Structural Biology has resolved at its meeting on 24/03/2023 to extend the support for young researchers in the field of structural biology in the form of a Competition for the best doctoral thesis (for obtaining a PhD degree or equivalent). The goal of the competition is to motivate young scientists to work in the field, to support a high level of research and study at Czech and Slovak universities in this field, and to contribute to the involvement of young scientists in the community of structural biologists and related fields.

  2. The submitted work must fulfill these conditions:
    • The thesis was successfully defended in the period 1/1/2023 – 31/12/2023 at a Czech or Slovak university.
    • The field of research was structural biology or directly related fields.
    • Structural studies of biological molecules form an essential part of the thesis and were carried out by the author.
    • Language of submitted work: Czech, English, Slovak

  3. Deadline for submitting application: January 8, 2024
    Announcement of results: not later than February 15, 2024

  4. Evaluation of the competition
    The theses assessment process is entirely within the competence of the Council of the Society. The Evaluation Committee is formed by the Council and two external experts; more than two external experts may be involved, depending on the number of works submitted.

    The theses will be assessed mainly according to the following criteria:
    • The work belongs to the field of structural biology, or closely related; the extent and significance of the structural studies and contribution of the author
    • The scientific level and importance of contribution to the given area of research
    • Overall thesis quality
    • Scientific publications of the author directly related to the submitted work

  5. Announcement of the results
    The Society will announce the results no later than on February 15, 2024.
    The award ceremony will take place at the Discussions conference (March 2024).
    The winner will be invited to give a 30-minute lecture as part of the Discussions conference.

    The prize includes a monetary reward of 25,000 CZK in the form of a scholarship and coverage of the regular conference fee for XX Discussions

  6. Required documents
    The application includes all of the following documents:
    • PhD thesis (dissertation) in electronic pdf format.
    • Completed application form with a handwritten signature – a scan sent electronically is sufficient.
    • A copy (scan) of a document serving as an evidence that the thesis was successfully defended in the relevant period.

      Send the application via e-mail to the address In the case of larger documents (more than 10 MB), use a suitable service for sending large files (e.g.,, etc.).

  7. Enrollment in the competition
    The validity of the application will be confirmed electronically to the applicant within two working days. The application is valid after submission of the required documents and confirmation of the receipt of the application. The formal enrollment in the competition does not establish any right for assessment of the work or evaluation of the results (see below).

  8. Other regulations
    The Council reserves the right not to award the prize in the event of:
    • Insufficient quality of submitted applications
    • Failure to meet the competition criteria

      There is no legal liability for any party following from their involvement in the competition – e.g. for assessment of any submitted documents, evaluation of the works or announcement of the results.

  9. Communication
    Questions regarding the Competition should be addressed to Dr. Jarmila Dušková at or to Dr. Jan Dohnálek at


Application Form