SLING seminar, Prague September 22, 2011

Information Resources in Biotechnology
A one day seminar about database resources available free of charge from the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI). Databases are prepared by the partners of the SLING project, particularly EBI, the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB) and the European Patent Office (EPO).

The seminar will underline the worldwide cooperation among the bioinformatic institutes and patent offices allowing preparation of the most comprehensive databases with a worldwide coverage of scientific publications and of all the patent publications.

The participants of the seminar will be given the first hand information about the most effective search approaches by the speakers of institutions directly involved in the preparation of the databases. Hand on sessions are foreseen in the afternoon to accommodate the specific needs and questions of the participants.

The seminar will highlight the volume and importance of the biotechnological information published in patent documents and explain how to effectively access this information in the free of charge patent database of the European Patent office (Espacenet).

A presentation of the patent system for non specialists will be offered focusing on important questions of practical impact for researchers, for instance

When to publish
When to apply for a patent
Problems to avoid
Benefits of the Patent Publication system

The seminar will take a place at the Institute of Molecular Genetics AS
CR, Krc campus on Thursday, September 22 between 9:00 and 16:00 and is free of charge.
Looking forward to seeing you at the seminar!
Gerard Giroud (SLING)
Marek Polach (CzechBio)
Bohdan Schneider (IBT AS CR)

Pogram of the seminar (in pdf)







Bohdan Schneider



Biotechnology in the Czech Republic and International cooperation policy

Marek Polach



The Patent System Today

How can patent office help you? Services of the patent office, a presentation in plain words for non-specialists..

Šimon Bednář

Patent Examiner, Czech Patent Office


The Sling project, EPO-EBI Collaborations.

Building a Bio information infrastructure. The European Union Approach.

Gérard Giroud

SLING Project Consultant


Comprehensive Bio molecular Databases.

A worldwide Cooperation among Europe, Japan and USA; extended to South Korea, China. Role of EBI, NCBI and DDBJ. Role of Patent Offices: EPO, JPO, USPTO, KIPO, SIPO

Stephane Nauche

Head, EPO Life Sciences Unit


EBI Services.

The EBI hosts a vast range of Databases and tools. The presentation will focus on EMBL-EBI’s major databases, as well as analytical tools mostly relevant to the Intellectual property word, with an extra attention to sequence related databases and tools.

Jennifer McDowall



Coffee Break


Patent Sequence Databases.

The non-redundant patent sequence databases, which cover the public patent sequence data, have been enriched with additional data from the patent documents

Stephane Nauche

Head, EPO Life Sciences Unit


EBI Filing Tool- Publishing Sequences.

How to file your results at EBI and to be published in the worldwide Databases

Jennifer McDowall



Filing a Patent: the filing Tool BISSAP.

The Biological Sequence Submission Application for Patents is a new tool to facilitate the submission of biological sequences as part of patent applications. The tool handles preparation of the sequences, their verification and generation of sequence listing files. The conversion between the supported formats is an additional functionality

EPO speaker


Databases of protein sequences

The Uniprot database: preparation- cooperation- features. How to best use it

Marie-Claude Blatter

Swiss-Prot Group


Chemical Entities Databases or Search Literature articles

Small chemical entities with a biological effect. The improved version of Pubmed available through EBI

Jennifer McDowall



Lunch break


EBI – demonstration, search examples on use of EBI databases and tools

Based on requests provided by participants upon registration

Jennifer McDowall



Patent Sequence Databases- demonstration, search examples on use of EPO databases and tools.

Based on requests provided by participants upon registration

Stephane Nauche

Head, EPO Life Sciences Unit


SIB – Databases of protein sequence – demonstration, search example on use of the databases and tools.

Based on requests provided by participants upon registration

Marie-Claude Blatter

Swiss-Prot Group


Questions/Answers. Recommendations. Conclusion

All speakers