5th Structural Biology Club

5th Structural Biology Club of the Czech Society for Structural Biology
online on
20 October 2021, 1 pm
with the following scientific talk kindly delivered by our guest:

AlphaFold Protein Structure Database

Presented by Augustin Žídek, DeepMind, London, UK

AlphaFold DB is an open database of proteins with their 3D structure predicted by AlphaFold. Currently it includes predictions for the human proteome and 20 other organisms. The plan is to expand it to 100 milion structures in the near future. In the talk, I will present AlphaFold and the AlphaFold DB. We will then discuss how to use the database and how to interpret AlphaFold predictions and prediction uncertainty metrics.

Moderator: Vojtěch Spiwok, University of Chemistry and Technology

Please, join us on this Zoom link (join 5‐10 minutes before the beginning)

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