Contributions for the 7th Discussions in Structural Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics

T. Baikova

Preparation of HsdR subunit of EcoAI endonuclease

V. Bauerová

Structural studies of selected human ryanodine receptor 2 domains

L. Bednářová

Disulphide chromophore and its optical activity

L. Benda

Solvation of nucleic acid backbone: A DFT study

I. Beššeová

Molecular dynamics study: Intrinsic dynamic of RNA three-way junction

V. Bialevich

Preparation of recombinant proteins RhsA and Rhsb from E.coli

J. Brezovský

Modulation of Enantioselectivity in Haloalkane Dehalogenase DbjA by Engineering of a Surface Loop

J. V. Burda

Quantum chemical description of the properties and reaction mechanisms of selected anticancer metallodrugs with biomolecules

H. Cerná

Recognition of phosphorylated CTD of RNA Pol II by Nrd1

J. Cerný

Double-Helical → Ladder Structural Transition in the B-DNA is Induced by a Loss of Dispersion Energy  

O. Degtjarik

Generation of bacterial strains for production of therapeutic human peptide hormone

J. Dohnálek

The Small Laccase from Streptomyces coelicolor

J. Dušková

Crystallization of Carbohydrate oxidase from Microdochium nivale

R. Ettrich

Structure of the motor subunit and translocation model for EcoR124I restriction-modification complex

P. Florek

Structure of SpoIISA-SpoIISB toxin-antitoxin complex from Bacillus subtilis

A. Fořtová

Study of ware molecules dynamics at the tunnel openings of haloalkane dehalogenases

L. Grycová

Detailed characterization of the calmodulin binding domain on the C terminus of TRPV1 receptor

Z. Halbhuber

Direction of immune system in T1D pathogenesis – analysis by using gene microarray and pathway analysis (GeneGo, MetaCore)

J. Hašek

Function analysis of cystathionine gamma-lyase mutants

A. Hnízda

Surface mapping of cystathione beta synthase : insigth into enzyme autoinhibition using mass spectrometry

F. Hobor

Structure and RNA binding of Nab3

B. Holakovská

The purification process of TRPC6 C-tail and calmodulin- optimization for crystallization

J. Hornícek

Computational Study of the NH-Tautomerism in Calix[4]phyrins Observed by NMR Spectroscopy

R. Chaloupková


Z. Chval

2’OH activation in RNA catalysis: metal-ion / nucleobase mechanisms in self-cleaving ribozymes

Z. Jiroušková

Electronegativity Equalization Method – Fast Method For Charge Calculation

J. Jonák


J. Kohoutová

Structural analysis of the extrinsic PsbP protein of PSII from Spinacea oleracea by X-ray crystallography, Raman spectroscopy and Bioinformatics

T. Koval

Characterization, crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction studies of tomato nuclease I

T. Koudeláková

Directed evolution of haloalkane dehalogenase towards higher activity in buffer containing dimethyl sulfoxide

S. Kozmon

Exploring the 3D structure of the N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase V (GnT-V)

I. Kratochvílová

Conductivity of natural and modified DNA measured by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy. The effect of sequence, charge and stacking

M. Krupicka

QM/MM study of β-1,4-galactosyltransferase-1

J. Kmunícek

MetaCentrum – e-Infrastructure for Solving Structural Biology Research Challenges

F. Lankaš

Simulating A-tract DNA: The influence of substates and the measure of bending

T. Levitner

Expertomica HeLa Cells 3.03 RC

F. Majer

Glycoside hydrolase family 31 proteins in Caenorhabditis elegans

P. Mazura

Structure-function relationships of maize b-glucosidase Zm.p60.1

B. Minofar

Building a structural model for transient receptor potential channels: Possibilities and Limitations

V. Motácková

NMR structural study of N-terminal domain of RNA polymerase delta subunit from Bacillus subtilis

T. Mozga

Structural and biochemical characterization of novel haloalkane dehalogenase DbeA from Bradyrhizobium elkani USDA94

P. Novák

Prediction of 13C chemical shifts in nucleic acids

T. Obšil

Role of 14-3-3 proteins in the regulation of G-protein signaling

P. Pachl

Structure-based drug design of selective 5′-nucleotidases inhibitors  

J. Pašulka

The molecular dynamics study of the enzymatic protein domain ADAR2 binding to the double-stranded RNA

A. Pavelka

HotSpot Wizard: web server for identification of mutagenesis hot spots in enzyme structures

P. Plevka

Octahedral particles of bacteriophage MS2 coat protein mutant

J. Prchal

Interaction of the N-terminal myristic acid with matrix protein from Mason-Pfizer monkey virus

J. Precechtelová

The influence of backbone and solvent dynamics on 31P chemical shift tensors in dickers dodecamer: A combined MD/DFT study

M. Predota

Molecular dynamics simulations of water and ions interacting with rutile surfaces

L. Rezabkova

14-3-3 protein interacts with and affects the structure of RGS domain of regulator of G protein signaling 3 (RGS3)

B. Schneider

DNA Conformations and Their Sequence Preferences

K. Shamayeva

Crystallization of Photosystem II core complex of Pisum sativum using different methods and techniques

V. Sklenár

Quo vadis? NMR as an eminent tool for structural and systems biology

V. Spiwok

Conformational Free Energy Modelling using Metadynamics

A. Stsiapanava

Crystallization and preliminary structure analysis of several DhaA mutants from Rhodococcus rhodochrous

M. Sviatlova

Crystallization study of Rhodococcus rhodochrous mutant protein

E. Sviridova

Crystallization study of the iron-regulated protein D (FrpD) derived from recombinant Escherichia coli

R. Štefl

Transcription termination of nonpolyadenylated transcripts

A. Štepánková

Structure changes evoked by binding of ligands into the active site of enzyme  β-galactosidase from Arthrobactersp. C2-2

D. Štys

Buquoy´s „Fundamental laws of phenomenon of heat and their meaning“

V. Sychrovský

Structural Interpretation of J-coupling Constants Calculated in Guanosine and Deoxy-Guanosine: Influence of Sugar-Phosphate-like Backbone Conformation, Sugar Pucker and Solvent Environment

J. Štepán

Implementation of Parallel Analyzes of Molecular Dynamics Simulation Trajectories

V. Štumbauer

Random walk model of dispersion in photobioreactors and its application to modelling of microalgal growth

O. Trísková

Effects of magnesium binding and beryllofluoridation on a component of the cytokinin signaling pathway studied by nuclear magnetic resonance

J. Urban

Liguid chromatography – Mass spectrometery evaulation based on probalistic theory

D. Urychová

What is the function of polyQ stretches in the C-terminal tails of yeast 14-3-3 isoforms?

P. Vácha

Mapping the interactions between 14-3-3 protein and forkhead transcription factor FOXO4

L. Vavrová

Bacillus subtilis as a production host for membrane protein SpoIISA

J. Vlach

Oligomerization of non-myristoylated M-PMV matrix protein

Z. Vokácová

Structure and Dynamics of the ApA, ApC, CpA and CpC RNA Dinucleoside Monophosphates Resolved with NMR Scalar Spin-Spin Couplings

J. Vondrášek

A Structural interpretation of the sequential preferences

R. Vozdek

Characterization of recombinant cysteine synthase in Caenorhabditis elegans  

J. Zídková

Thermal denaturation of barley lipid transfer protein 1 studied by nuclear magnetic resonance and differential scanning calorimetry