Contributions for the 8th Discussions in Structural Molecular Biology

J. Alán
Employment of free energy calculations to estimation of carbohydrates affinities towards PA-IIL superfamily lectins

V. Andrushchenko
Structure of guanine octamers d(G)8 determined by combination of VCD spectroscopy and theoretical computations

D. Antoš
MetaCentrum — e-Infrastructure for Computational and Data Challenges 

V. Bacíková
NMR study of NRD1 and its binding to RNA

I. Barák
Molecular and structural mechanisms of cell division site recognition in Bacillus subtilis

L. Benda

Computational analysis of the stabilization effects in successive U-Hg-U base pairs

T. Baikova
Crystallization of mutated enzymes potentially involved in coupling of endonuclease and translocase functions in EcoR124I

L. Bednárová

Antibacterial peptides in interaction with model membranes studied by various spectroscopic methods

I. Beššeová
How is a-rna treated by different force fields and salt conditions?

V. Bialevich
Cloning and expression of rhsA and rhsB genes from E.coli

J. Bílý
Characterization of the Calmodulin binding on the Transient receptor potential cation channel TRP M5

J. Brezovský

Engineering the activity of haloalkane dehalogenase with toxic synthetic substrate using methods of focused directed evolution

H. Cerná
NMR study of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Air2 protein

J. Cerný
Improving protein binding, in silico approach

J. Dohnálek
INSTRUCT – An Integrated Structural Biology Infrastructure for Europe

R. Dvorský
From Structural Biology to the Drugs against Inflammatory Bowl Diseases

R. Ettrich
Was binding of free amino acids an early innovation in the evolution of allostery?

B. Fackovec
Towards identification of hydrophobic core in globular proteins

J. Fukal
Study of HincII endonuclease by molecular dynamics methods

J. Hašek
Using the Cambridge Structure Database of Organic and Organometalic Compounds in Structure Biology

F. Hóbor
The role of Nrd1-Nab3 complex in transcription termination

B. Holakovská
Calmodulin interacts with c-terminal region of TRPC6

J. Hrudíková

Raman and Raman optical activity conformational study of a cyclic hexapeptide

C. M. Ionescu
Fast methods of atomic charge calculation: parameterization of EEM for applicability to metal containing proteins

I. Ivani

A Fourier transform method for generation of anharmonic vibrational molecular spectra

P. Jungwirth
The interface between oxidized phospholipid bilayers and aqueous solutions

P. Kaderávek
Analysis of backbone motions of delta subunit of RNA polymerase from Bacillus subtilis

M. Khabiri
Organic solvent effects on protein tertiary structure and enzyme stability: A computational study

T. Klumpler
Solving phase problem using a Se-Met derivative of the flavoenzyme NAD(P)H:acceptor oxidoreductase (FerB)

J. Koca
Computational methods as a component of modern structural biology

V. Kopecký

Structure differences between protein crystals and solution structures monitored by Raman spectroscopy – case study of PsbP protein

D. Kopecný

Structural analysis of plant aminoaldehyde dehydrogenases

T. Koval
X-ray diffraction studies of red tomato nuclease TBN1

I. Kratochvílová
Charge transport in DNA oligonucleotieds with various base-pairing patterns

Z. Kriz
Conformational behavior of beta amyloids and their interactions with cholesterol derivatives

M. Kuba
MetaCentrum – On the Way from Distributed Computing to Cyber Infrastructure for Research

M. Kubánová
Raman optical activity and conformation of structurally important groups in peptides and proteins

K. Kubícek
Structural insights into recruitment and dissociation of RNA polymerase II termination factors

M. Krupicka
2-deoxy-2-fluorohexoses as inhibitors of glycosyl hydrolases

N. Kulik
The alpha-galactosidase type A gene from Aspergillus niger encodes a fully functional alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase

M. Lahoda
Crystallization and crystallography analysis of haloalkane dehalogenasemutant DhaA12 from Rhodococcus rhodochrous

P. Mader
Human carbonic anhydrase complexes with isoquinoline inhibitors

P. Malon
Chiroptical proeprties of the disulfide group

J. Melnicáková
Crystallization of SpoIISA toxin and SpoIISB antitoxin from different Bacilli species

S. K. Mishra
In silico
mutagenesis and docking study of RSL Lectin

B. Minofar
Aqueous salt solution of organic solvents as a media for enzymatic reactions

V. Motáčková
Structure and dynamics of RNA polymerase delta subunit from Bacillus subtilis determined by NMR spectroscopy 

T. Mozga
Structural and biochemical characterization of novel haloalkane dehalogenase DbeA from Bradyrhizobium elkani USDA94 revealed two halide binding sites in haloalkane dehalogenases

T. Obšil
Structure of the 14-3-3/FOXO4 complex derived from the fluorescence spectroscopy data

P. Pachl
Drug design of selective 5′-nucleotidases inhibitors

J. Pašulka
The molecular dynamics study of the double-stranded RNA-binding motive of ADAR2 bound to dsRNA

T. Pazderka
Two-dimensional Raman and Raman optical activity correlation and factor analysis of lysozyme fibrillation

J. Prchal
Interaction of the M-PMV matrix protein with phosphatidylinositol bisphosphate

K. Procházková
Structural study of LEDGF cellular binding partners

K. Procházková
Structural and molecular mechanism for autoprocessing of MARTX toxin of Vibrio cholerae at multiple sites

V. Profant
Raman optical activity study of poly-L-proline chains of various lengths

T. Prudnikova
Crystallisation and structure-functional analysis of a novel haloalkane dehalogenase DbeA from Bradyrhizobium elkani USDA94

L. Rezábková

Biophysical characterization of phosducin/14-3-3 protein complex

V. Rímal
DNA duplex melting monitored via lineshape analysis of 1H NMR spectra

B. Schneider
Bioinformatic analyses of the first solvation shell of nucleic acids

K. Shamayeva

Cloning and expression of putative helikase Lhr from E.coli K12

V. Spiwok
Free Energy Modelling of Substrate Distortion in the Enzyme Active Site: An Example of Influenza Neuraminidase

P. Srb

Dynamical analysis of WT M-PMV matrix protein and its single point mutant R55F with respect to their different oligomerization properties

R. Svobodová Vařeková
SiteBinder – software tool for superimposing multiple structural motives

Z. Strelcová
Reaction Mechanism of MutH Enzyme – Quantum Mechanics/Molecular Mechanics Study

A. Stsiapanava
Crystallization and preliminary X-ray analysis of DhaA wild type and DhaA13 proteins from Rhodococcus rhodochrous

E. Sviridova
Crystallization study of the iron-regulated protein FrpD from Neisseria meningitidis

M. Šebela

Exploring the active sites of plant aminoaldehyde dehydrogenases using natural and synthetic substrates

A. Štepánková
Complexes of β-galactosidase with ligands

V. Štepánková
Effect of organic solvents on structure and function of haloalkane dehalogenases

D. Štys
Three dimensional information structure of living cell fate

Z. Tošner
Solid-state NMR of biological samples

J. Urban
Information entropy and biological microscopy

D. Veisová

C-terminal segment of yeast BMH proteins exhibits different structure compared to other 14-3-3 protein isoforms 

V. Veverka

Structural insight into regulation of the Wnt/b-catenin signalling pathway by sclerostin: implications for osteoporosis treatments 

Z. Vokácová

Effect of nonplanarity on 3J-couplings in nucleic acid bases

M. Wimmerová
High-affinity lectins from pathogens: the potential targets for antiadhesive drug design

J. Wolfová
Defining structural features of the family of tetrameric flavoproteins WrbA

V. Zayats
Structure and functions of transient receptor potential A1: homology modelling

J. Zídková

Barley lipid transfer protein 1 with a covalently attached lipid-like molecule