Arrival Instructions – XVIII Discussions in Structural Molecular Biology and 5th User Meeting of CIISB

Make sure you arrive with sufficient time left before the start of the program, as some of you have accommodation in a certain distance from the Conference venue.

For the main meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) we must split into two groups. Your name tag will have a mark (a sticker or similar) which means that you dine downstairs in the restaurant of the Castle. No sticker – you dine on the main floor.

Currently, no Covid-related restrictions or measures are in place for the Conference.

We ask speakers to copy their presentation on the conference room computer well BEFORE the session and the chair persons to help speakers test their presentations. There will be strict timing of the lectures, unless marked otherwise in the program, you have 15 minutes to speak and 5 minutes for discussion.

The poster session in the Blue saloon (just in front of the entrance) will be held on Friday evening. The posters should be put up after Friday lunch and taken down after the poster session or on Saturday morning. Some poster boards will use pins, some glue tag (zvykacka), these will be provided.

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