New Trends in BioScience together with NanoTemper workshop

We are glad to inform you that we are going to organize short minisymposium named “New Trends in BioScience together with NanoTemper workshop”. The minisymposium is organized to acquaint participants with news in the field of structural biochemistry and biomedicine. Emphasis is placed on new and rapidly increasing techniques and the possibility of applying new knowledge into practice. The symposium will allow participants to test their own samples by taking part in the NanoTemper WS, which is scheduled for second day.

DateOctober 10-11, 2019

Place: Building C, Faculty of Science, Uni of South Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice

Registration: until September 20th, 2019

All information and registration at

If you plan to participate at the NanoTemper WS and try to measure your own samples, please read “NanoTemper files” on the webpage and follow instruction there.

Ivana KS and Frantisek V
symposium organizers

List of lectures:

Cristales: a world to discover (opening of exhibition)
Structure-based drug design (Pavlína Řezáčová)
Protein engineering (Radka Chaloupková)
How the cell knows where to divide? (Imrich Barák)
Structural basis for pharmacological reactivation of p53 tumorigenic mutants (Oksana Degtjarik)
Structural analysis of macromolecular complexes by single-particle cryo-electron microscopy (Iulia Iermak)
Application of cryo-electron tomography to study functions of protein complexes (Matthias Pöge)
Cell shape formation controlled by cytoskeleton (Naoko Mizuno)
TBA (Christian Biertuempfel)
Bioinformatic analysis of CE16 acetylesterases (Ľubica Urbániková)
Phase separation and formation of membrane-less organelles in cells (Roman Tůma)
Nanostructured surfaces for advanced biomedical applications (Vít Straňák)
Introduction to NanoTemper Solutions for Structural Biology (Pawel Kania, Malgorzata Poczopko)
25th IUCr congress in 2020 in Prague (Radomír Kužel)

NanoTemper MST & nanoDSF Workshop
Seminar: Interaction analysis with MicroScale Thermophoresis (MST) (Malgorzata Poczopko)
Protein stability and quality measurements with nanoDSF (Pawel Kania)
Hands-on session (MST and nanoDSF)

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