With great sadness we have learnt that our esteemed colleague Prof. Vladimír Sklenář passed away on 13 April 2024

Vladimír Sklenář was an expert in nuclear magnetic resonance who developed methods that allowed scientists to study biomacromolecules in solution with atomic resolution. But Vladimír’s deep insight into NMR did not prevent him from appreciating advantages of other approaches of structural biology and understanding the added value of their combination. In the time when Czech scientists were used to compete whose lab acquires the most expansive equipment,  Vladimír put emphasis on collaborating, sharing instruments and building publicly accessible research infrastructure. He has been behind the establishment and operation of the Czech infrastructure for integrative structural biology. He significantly contributed to the connection between the CEITEC structural biology laboratories and the emerging BIOCEV central facilities for structural biology and to securing national funding not only for operation of these facilities but also for upgrades of equipment and strategies of the infrastructure development. His trace is also visible in the membership of the Czech Republic in the European infrastructure for structural biology Instruct and in support of the national community of structural biologists. He truly served well the European community and the tight interaction between the Czech and European structural biologists.
Since the foundation of the Czech Society for Structural Biology Vladimír has been active as the vice-chairman of its Council and participated in organization of the annual Discussions in Structural Molecular Biology and User meetings of CIISB in Nové Hrady. He contributed to the idea of evaluating PhD theses of the structural biology field.
We have known Vladimír not only as an expert in his area of research but also as a friend, lover of good wine and a person with an attitude of help and humor, enabling communication among scientists and development of new ideas. He strongly supported young talented scientists and always placed benefit of the community above personal profit.

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