Nadrian C. Seeman: DNA, not Merely the Secret of Life

Professor Nadrian C. Seeman will visit IBT at BIOCEV on Monday, May 28. Do not miss his talk that he will deliver at 10 AM at the BIOCEV conference hall: DNA, not Merely the Secret of Life.

Prof. Seeman, Margaret And Herman Sokol Professor Of Chemistry at New Your University is a true pioneer of nanotechnology, his paper from year 1982 “Nucleic acid junctions and lattices” published in Journal of Theoretical Biology is outlining the concept of DNA nanotechnology. Prof. Seeman was inspired to explore self-assembling ability of DNA by Eschers’ woodcut. His open mind led to the first 3D nanoscale object, cube made of DNA (1991) and later on to the concepts now used in the technology of DNA origami. You can learn more about our distinguished guest in Wikipedia,

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